Network damage test system
  • WS1008 network damage tester


    WS1008 network damage tester has high-performance network damage simulation function, redundant link test function and line speed flow generation function, and provides a comprehensive network reliability test program, which can fully test and verify the network system's anti-damage ability, main and backup link switching ability and data forwarding ability.It provides effective test support for high reliability network system.

  • WS1012 network damage simulator


    WS1012 network damage simulation instrument has high performance network damage simulation function and link up to 12 damage simulation, designed the system to provide multiple node network damage simulation scheme of high-end mouth density, validate multiple nodes in a complex network system show the stability and reliability of the network environment, network system in research and development to provide adequate testing, deployment.

  • WN104 Network damage test card


    WN104 multi-function network damage test card is a comprehensive network simulation and test equipment that integrates network damage simulation, network traffic test, network data loopback and multi-port network card functions.It can meet a variety of network test requirements, and supports the integration of various functions, providing a more convenient test scheme for network equipment and network system for a variety of verification and test requirements.Easy to use operation interface easy to use, in the maximum to reduce the cost of testing at the same time significantly improve the efficiency of testing.



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