• WS1008 network damage tester


    WS1008 network damage tester has high-performance network damage simulation function, redundant link test function and line speed flow generation function, and provides a comprehensive network reliability test program, which can fully test and verify the network system's anti-damage ability, main and backup link switching ability and data forwarding ability.It provides effective test support for high reliability network system.

  • WN204 high speed switching redundant network card


    WN204 high speed switching redundant network card is a 4 port gigabit network interface card with redundant link high speed switching function.In addition to providing high-performance gigabit network interfaces for desktop, server and other network devices, WN204 innovatively provides independent redundant links, and has the high-speed automatic switching ability of master/backup links, switching time delay 1sm, making the network truly capable of "always online" at the level of link connectivity.



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