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Data center managers face three major obstacles


Today, data center managers face many challenges in successfully managing data centers.

1. Capacity management

One of the most important hurdles for data center managers to overcome is capacity management.Maintaining optimal efficiency means keeping the data center running at optimal performance.Running out of capacity can be a fatal challenge for data center managers.

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system as an effective way to manage capacity is more and more favored by managers.The DCIM system is used to identify unused computing, storage, and cooling capacities.It can also help you manage your data centers more efficiently and run at full capacity while minimizing risk.

2. Power management

One of the biggest concerns for data center managers is the increased energy consumption of data centers, and more importantly, finding effective ways to manage energy consumption.As virtualization reduces the number of servers, the power required for a cabinet/rack increases.


The power consumption of each cabinet/rack is usually 2kW, and the highest power consumption can reach 35kW.The new blade and rack servers will consume four to five times as much power and must be properly managed.

3. Data center cooling

As the demand for electricity increases, so does the demand for cooling.The challenge for data center managers is to design data centers in a way that optimizes the overall layout to maximize cooling efficiency.For example, the typical design is to move the cable from the elevated floor to the elevated floor.Its cable design has also been changed to reduce the overall external diameter of the cable.Especially for more fiber/copper cables.These changes will help make data center cooling easier and maximize the cooling efficiency outlined in the ASHRAE documentation.

4. Good planning and design

Fully understanding the challenges faced by data center managers is the greatest resource.To make a better choice, data center managers need to consider exploring cable options in each area of concern.For example, good planning and design is critical to capacity management.A backbone network solution that reduces the outside diameter of the cable could reduce power costs and cooling costs by 30 percent if implemented.

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