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Global infrastructure networks are being targeted by hackers


According to a new Ponemon report, 90% of respondents said they had experienced a successful cyberattack, and many of them even suffered three to six attacks.


Global infrastructure networks are being targeted by hackers

The report is an anonymous survey of more than 700 security professionals who are protecting critical infrastructure in the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Mexico and Japan.

The investigation also found that hackers had been attacking critical global infrastructure networks for the past two years.And in many cases, hackers can be successful, causing damage to critical infrastructure that can be brought down by every successful cyber attack.

For security reasons, respondents were tight-lipped about details of various attacks.However, Eitan Goldstein of Tenable, one of the authors of the report, told the Associated Press that "these are successful attacks on the physical world using cyber technology."

Eitan Goldstein"Today's cyber risks are not just theoretical, but expose the infrastructure to attack as industrial control systems connect to networks," he said.The proliferation of smart devices, sensors and iot products does increase the risk of cyber attacks for our power plants, which we maintain on a daily basis.In many cases, even businesses do not know which devices are connected to the Internet and which devices and content can be accessed by hackers.

Once called it the worm attack Iran's nuclear facilities to make the system downtime, and lead to the serious damage to the infrastructure and national economy are. And now, with the spread of the Internet of things, the key global infrastructure start facing greater threats, need the attention of the relevant industry and security director."

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