WS1008 Impairment Emulator

Product model:
Function 1:
Impairment Emulator
Port type:
RJ45 10/100/1000M
Function 2:
Redundant Link Tester
Number of ports:
Function 3:
Standard Traffic Generator
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WS1008 network damage tester has high-performance network damage simulation function, redundant link test function and line speed flow generation function, and provides a comprehensive network system test program, which can fully test and verify the network system's anti-damage ability, link switching ability and data forwarding ability.It provides effective test support for high reliability network system.



The network damage simulation function has a variety of damage simulation capabilities such as delay, disorder, packet loss, packet insertion, repeated message, modified message, background traffic, etc. Through flexible damage parameter configuration, various kinds of data damage in the real wan environment can be created.



The test function of redundant link provides the link high-speed on-off ability and accurate switching time measurement ability, and has the function of automatic alternation of main and standby links, which can allow users to easily verify the switching performance of main and standby links, and provide sufficient basis for verifying and improving the redundant network system.


1568108253527411.pngThe traffic generation function provides 10/100/1000m port line speed traffic generation capability, which can be used for pressure testing of various network devices to fully verify the data forwarding capability of the tested devices.

Product modelWS1008
Physical interface10/100/1000M  RJ45 × 24
Size259mm × 183.6mm  × 44mm
Most powerful30W
Working temperature0 - 35℃
Working humidity20% - 85%,Relative humidity
ExtensionSupport multi - case cascade
Damage test function
Link resourcesA single device can support up to 4 damage links, and a single client can support up to 4 devices operating at the same time
Time delay·100Mbps maximum support 10s, 1000Mbps maximum support 1s

·Support delay jitter

·Support for specific message generation delays

Packet loss

·Support random packet loss, can produce packet loss according to fixed ratio or jitter ratio

·Support loop lost packet, can specify cycle cycle and lost packet number

·According to the matching condition, a specific message can be selected to generate packet loss

Repeat message

·Support fixed ratio or jitter ratio to generate repeated message

·Duplicate message can be generated according to matching          conditions

Message order

·Generate message out of order according to the set proportion

·The message can be randomly generated according to the set       delay range

·Random order can be generated for a particular message
Insert a message

·Insert message parameters and insert message rate can be set

·Insert super short frames/super long frames (message length          range:19-16k Bytes)         

·FCS error frames can be constructed
Modify the message

·All messages or specified messages can be modified according to  the set proportion

·Message content can be modified according to fixed template and  custom template 

Background traffic

·Support for generating background traffic in proportion to port     rates

·Provide traffic generation template, can set the background traffic  message content


·Provide real-time statistics of packet number such as delay, packet loss, repetition, out of order, packet insertion and modification

·Provide link-direction-based send message statistics (including       background traffic message)

Redundant link testing
Link resourcesA single device can support up to 6 pairs (12) of redundant links,   and  a  single  client  can  support  up  to  4  devices  operating        simultaneously
Measurement accuracy of main and secondary link switching20ns
Link on - off delay≤20ns
On off switch mode

·Single link manual switch

·Multi - link automatic loop switching

·The primary and secondary links are switched alternately and         cyclically
Packet captureWhen each link is connected to disconnected, the last two-way      data packets of the link are automatically cached
Base flow test
Traffic generated

·The line speed generates a flow of 10/100/1000m at 24 ports

·Adjustable speed based on port

·Source MAC address, destination MAC address, frame length and  net load can be set
Traffic statistics

·Traffic statistics can be based on ports

·Statistical items include number of received messages, number of sent messages, receiving rate, sending rate, FCS error packet

Impairment Emulator


  • Provide 8 port 4 link bidirectional simulation function

  • It has rich damage functions and can accurately realize damage simulation under linear velocity flow

  • The jitter delay can be realized by the delay forwarding of all messages or specific messages

  • All packets or specific packets are discarded, repeated, out of order and modified according to the set proportion

  • Messages of specific content can be inserted according to the set rate, supporting the construction and insertion of extra-long frames, ultra-short frames and FCS wrong frames

  • Background data traffic that can be inserted at a specified rate



Redundant Link Testing


  • In the network system, the on - off of Ethernet link can be controlled by software in real time, and the physical fault of communication link can be simulated

  • For redundant network systems with primary and secondary links, the switching time of primary and secondary links can be accurately measured

  • With the function of automatic alternation of main and backup links, the automatic cycle on and off test of multiple main and backup links can be realized

  • It can be connected in the network system for a long time in series. By default, the data can be transmitted directly without affecting the normal operation of the original system

  • It is widely used in test system, debugging system and test system carried by Ethernet



Standard Traffic Generator


  • Provide 24 × 10/100/1000m RJ45 port, which can generate line speed flow

  • Adjustable speed based on port

  • Source MAC address, destination MAC address, frame length and net load can be set

  • Traffic statistics can be based on ports

  • Statistical items include number of received messages, number of sent messages, receiving rate, sending rate, FCS error packet




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