Basic flow test

The basic flow testing function provides equipment manufacturers with cost-effective testing solutions

Network equipment manufacturers to reduce the failure rate of the products are needed in the product research and development phase through the flow test to verify the reliability of the design and material, and need in product production stage when long enough pressure test was carried out on the product, to ensure that the identified as qualified products are all in the accident of the bathtub curve expiration (product life period).


WS1008 has a convenient and easy-to-use traffic generation function. Each device can provide the gigabit line speed traffic sending and receiving function of 24 ports. At the same time, the traffic transmission rate can be configured based on the port.Have statistics of receiving and sending package rate, number of receiving and sending package and number of wrong package.The same software client can control up to 4 testers at the same time for various test functions including flow test, which provides an ideal solution for users to realize large-scale flow pressure test with controllable cost.


In addition to the traffic test for network equipment, the traffic generation function of WS1008 can also be used in conjunction with the damage function to provide a closed loop test system of "traffic generation -- damage simulation -- traffic reception" for the tested equipment and system, which provides convenience for users to realize the test to the greatest extent.



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