Network fault and damage simulation

The reliability of the network system is verified by 

network damage simulation


 With the increasing complexity of network, the difficulty of risk control and cost management of network system projects is also increasing. Therefore, whether the high-quality project delivery can be completed in a reasonable cost range on schedule has become the focus of attention of enterprises.Adequate and effective product verification and testing is the key to the realization of the above goals, while how to provide real network environment and efficient testing capability for the tested equipment/system in the laboratory environment is the key problem to be solved in network product testing.     

 WS1008 network damage tester launched by wenzhang technology can not only provide ultra-low time-delay on-off function of physical links, but also perform multiple damage processing and fault injection on data packets in the tested network, providing strong support for full verification of the network system.      

WS1008 can simulate the failure of the network cable or connector in the link.When each link is disconnected, the last two-way data packets sent by the link are cached by the system and displayed on the client.Link on - off control can be divided into single switching and cycle switching.Loop switching can set up multiple links as a group and operate on the unit of the group.    

 WS1008 can also perform various damage simulation and fault injection on the received data packets, such as delayed transmission, packet discarding, packet duplication, packet out of order, content rewriting, FCS making mistakes, insertion of specified packets, insertion of background traffic, etc.


    Easy to achieve all kinds of damage functions

Through WS1008 provide network damage simulation, and the function of fault injection, the developer can quickly in the laboratory environment simulation network in various real scene, multiple types of network anomalies and fault structure, the system fully verify the functionality and stability of the system before delivery, early find and solve all kinds of defects in the system and hidden dangers.Provide sufficient guarantee for the smooth delivery of the project.


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