Multi-terminal network damage simulation

The multi-terminal damage simulation system can be realized for network damage simulation between any terminals

In a large-scale distributed system, most of the business functions are carried by a large number of terminals, and the collaborative performance of each terminal often determines the performance of the whole system.Therefore, mastering and improving the reliability and stability of the system in the real WAN environment before the system goes online is a necessary link to ensure the successful deployment of the system.To achieve this goal, it is necessary to build a network damage simulation system with a large number of terminal access capabilities, which can be used to simulate various kinds of network damage in the laboratory environment and accurately locate the real performance of the system in different network states.

The WS1012 network damage simulator of Wenzhantech, combined with the corresponding cascade system, can constitute a network damage system with multi-terminal access ability, and the system can generate multiple types of network damage between any two terminals.


A damage link can be formed between any terminals

The WS1012 damage meter used in the system has 12 damage simulation links, so a single damage meter can be connected to 12 terminals under test.When in use, the damage meter is serial connected to the network system, the right port of each link is connected to the host or terminal, and the left port is connected to the cascade system.Through multiple WS1012 cascades, the simulation system can flexibly expand capacity according to the size of the system under test, and generate two-way network damage between any host or terminal.


Multi-port network damage simulation system

  • The system characteristics

  1. The system capacity can be flexibly controlled according to the number of terminals under test, with the access capacity of thousands of terminals

  2. A communication link can be formed between any two terminals and a variety of network damages can be generated on the link

  3. The link is capable of bidirectional damage simulation

  4. It is capable of fixed delay, jitter delay, packet loss, repeated message, out-of-order message, message insertion, bandwidth limitation, error code generation, background traffic generation, and modification of specified message contents

  5. The automatic test scheme can be customized according to user requirements, which can easily meet the test requirements of large system

A series of verification test show that the multiport network damage simulation system fully satisfy the customer to the requirement of formation damage flow between any two terminals, to verify and improve the system under test in a non-ideal performance under the network environment played an indispensable role, but also for subsequent research and development of the same kind of system provides efficient test environment.

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