Beijing wenzhan technology co., ltd. was established in 2017, located in the zhongguancun shangdi high-tech development zone, is a high-tech enterprise with data communication special product design and research and development capabilities.Guided by customer value and relying on profound technical accumulation, the company has independently developed network fault simulation tester, redundant switching network card, intelligent network card and other series of products.

The company also provides customized development services with special requirements for a number of scientific research institutions, providing customers with effective assistance in accelerating product development progress, improving product deployment efficiency, enhancing system reliability and other aspects.

The company always adhere to the concept of innovation and win-win cooperation, continue to provide quality products and services for our customers and partners, to help customers achieve greater success.


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Born in 2017


The company was founded in 2017, focusing on the field of network data communication, relying on its own technical accumulation, to provide customers with data communication reliability solutions.

August 2018

The launch of network damage testing equipment greatly improves the efficiency of network laboratory testing and improves the quality of products.

April 2019

The redundant link network card with microsecond switching speed is introduced to fill the domestic blank and greatly improve the reliability of redundant network links.


Please look forward to our future

FPGA development engineer
  • Job descriptions:

    1. Responsible for FPGA general design and detailed design, module division;

    2. Responsible for the development of relevant algorithms in FPGA;

    3. Complete board level debugging and achieve the task target;

    4. Finish the design document.

  • Post requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in logic circuit design;

    2. Proficient in verilog or VHDL language logic programming, debugging;

    3. Familiar with mainstream FPGA design processes such as Xilinx;

    4. High-speed memory interface or video transmission interface experience is preferred;

    5. Master FPGA resources and timely sequence optimization, and proficient in digital circuit simulation test tools;

    6. Good sense of teamwork and responsibility.

Test engineer
  • Job descriptions:

    1. Be responsible for project requirement tracking and participate in requirement specification;

    2. Independently completed the design and writing of test strategies and test cases;

    3. Completed test environment construction, version test execution and defect report tracking;

    4. Complete the quality analysis and test report, and ensure the quality of the system under test;

    5. Promote test process improvement, improve test efficiency, and timely solve problems;

    6. Focus on the ease of use and user experience of the product.

  • Post requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science or related;

    2. Experience in project testing, automation or performance testing is preferred;

    3. Familiar with HTTP protocol, shell, python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other WEB knowledge is preferred;

    4. Capable of independently completing test case preparation, version testing, defect tracking, problem solving and test report writing according to requirements and design;

    5. Proficient in common test tools and Bug management software;

    6. Good team spirit and professional dedication, strong learning ability, serious and rigorous working attitude.


Talent recruitment

The administrative assistant
  • Job descriptions:

    1. Responsible for reception of guests at the reception desk, telephone answering, mail and express handling;

    2. Responsible for staff attendance management and travel arrangements;

    3. Responsible for the management and arrangement of company offices and meeting rooms;

    4. Responsible for the inquiry, procurement and reception of office supplies;

    5. Registration, warehousing and collection of fixed assets;

    6. Other work assigned by the leader.

  • Job descriptions:

    1. College degree or above;

    2. Proficient in the use of various office software;

    3. Cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure;

    4. Strong coordination ability and affinity;

    5. Good communication and coordination skills, solid writing skills;

    6. Have rigorous logical thinking ability and good expression ability.

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