24 port Ethernet FPGA development board
  • WS1008 network damage tester

    WS1008 network damage tester

    WS1008 network damage tester has high performance network damage simulation function, main and secondary link test function and gigabit line speed network traffic generation function. It provides a co

  • WN104 Network damage test card

    WN104 Network damage test card

    WN104 multi-function network damage test card is a comprehensive network simulation and test equipment that integrates network damage simulation, network traffic test, network data loopback and multi-

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  • Network fault and damage simulation

    Network fault and damage simulation

    WS1008 can perform various damage simulation and fault injection on the received data packets, such as limited bandwidth, delayed transmission, discarded packets, repeated packets, out-of-order packets, content rewriting, CRC error creation, packet insertion, packet filtering, etc.

  • Basic flow test

    Basic flow test

    WS1008 has an easy-to-use traffic testing function. Each device can provide gigabit wirespeed traffic transceiver function of 24 ports. At the same time, the traffic sending rate can be configured based on ports, and data such as source MAC, destination MAC, packet length and net charge content can be set

  • Network redundant link testing

    Network redundant link testing

    With the rapid development of communication technology, network plays a more and more important role in daily work, and Ethernet gradually becomes the communication foundation in various fields.In practical network applications, network link or communication equipment faults often occur.Network communication quality requirements



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